Our dedicated and qualified team work with clients on all sizes of automatic sprinkler system projects from major developments to fitting out and connecting individual units to existing main systems.

Automatic Sprinkler Systems


Applications:  The most widely-used fire protection system in all types of buildings such as warehouses, distribution centres, manufacturing plants, airports, offices, supermarkets, shopping centres, leisure facilities, libraries, theatres, schools and residential accommodation.

Features:  Only the sprinkler heads over the seat of the fire operate automatically.  The fire is brought quickly under control and water damage is minimal compared to manual fire-fighting with hoses.

We offer advice to contractors and architects in relation to sprinkler systems (and all manner of fire suppression systems) prior to design, both in relation to new systems and alterations/ extensions to existing systems.

We offer a full suite of fire protection and detection systems often to bespoke design including: water supplies (pumps and tanks), underground or above ground hydrant mains, fire hydrants, hosereel and associated equipment and cabinets.

We design, install, oversee and commission systems for clients using the latest design and installation techniques.

We have extensive experience in 3D design technology and have worked on some of the largest and most prestigious construction projects in the UK and beyond.  We have two engineers who have successfully passed the BRE BIM level 2 professional qualifications.

We work with and are familiar with international design codes such as NFPA, FM, as well as LPC and BS/EN standards.

We operate in the UK, Europe and the Middle East.